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Home: A place of vision and verve

January 17, 2018

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Color Schemes You'll Want to Incorporate this year

March 2, 2018


A lot has been said about Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet. The color, upon its announcement has engendered a massive debate over its 'yay' and 'nay'- ness and instead of becoming the apple of everyone’s eye, has turned into an apple of discord in the design world. Pantone’s official statement says that the color articulates “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”; while it sounds inspirational and invigorating, to some, it screams jarring, too bold, and distant (got to do with its association with the royalty I’m guessing).



If you ask me, I have something rather logical (quite surprisingly) to add to this ongoing kerfuffle. Color is one of life’s greatest gifts to us humans (I know it sounds corny and you can totally roll your eyes). Aaannndddd since we are all unique snowflakes, there are no set parameters based on which we can determine the colors that make us all tick, feel active or peaceful. For example, my best friend who emphatically loathes murky colors was devastated when she found out that her boyfriend’s wardrobe brims with all conceivable shades and tints of muddy browns, blues, and grays. Poor her.


Is there a point to this? Yes there is, there is. So, the point is - colors are intensely personal to us, what makes your heart sing might smother mine and vice versa. So while I like Pantone’s Ultra Violet, I do get it when some people find it preposterous to embrace one particular color as ‘the color of the year’ because it’s prescribed by a so-called authority. Moving on.


Which is why instead of just shooting the breeze or mashing the keyboard in defiance of an authority, I choose to talk about pleasant color schemes that I would personally love to see in interiors this year. The color schemes that I'm going to share here are a mix of perennial classics and unexpected 'ahas' and I’m quite positive that you’ll want to incorporate them in your homes/commercial spaces/home offices this year.


Southern charm


 Courtesy: Pinterest


Anything classic rings my chimes, so a red, white, and blue color combination that has classic slathered all over it, is naturally my favorite. This color scheme has a distinctive southern feel to it and if you are longing to bring in country charm to your interiors, then this will make you want to sing and dance to some good ol’ sweet melodies (I can totally imagine myself doing this in this beautiful home). I love how white throws the warm reds and cool blues into sharp relief. What makes this color scheme more interesting is that despite having 3 strong colors together, they don’t contend for attention but commingle with each other so well.


Unexplored complements


 Courtesy: Pinterest


This is a delightful departure from the usual aubergine and yellow combination. The colonial style-inspired living is peppered with an elegant shade of aubergine, pale rust, and neutral colors. Tbh, I never thought any color other than yellow could work (contrast-wise) so well with aubergine. But not only does pale rust complement aubergine but it also brings out the best of the royal hue. It's always thrilling to see unexpected colors coexist harmoniously, they remind us of a fact universally acknowledged - that there are interminable possibilities when it comes to colors.


Let your favorite object decide the color you want


 Courtesy: Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash


Your favorite decor piece or object can inspire the color scheme of your home. It could be a painting, a lamp, or a pottery plate. Let it dictate the color of your design scheme, just like this painting here. When your design scheme is weaved from the color of your favorite piece, not only does the piece take the center stage but it also results in a space that looks beautifully bespoke. Just like this monochromatic blue scheme here. Work around a color and use its variations as accent colors, the resulting color scheme will be pleasant without being prosaic, unadventurous without being uninspiring. 


Earthy and Enriching 


 Courtesy: Dulux


I have always felt that earthy colors have quiet magnificence about them. They look inviting and convivial, cocooning everything in their snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug warmth. Heart Wood, Dulux's color of the year (Dulux isn't vehemently assertive about its choice) is a warm neutral that will blend just as well with purple as it will with cocoa (btw, I placed Ultra Violet and Heart Wood alongside each other and they look super classy!). I love the earthy scheme of this bedroom here. It looks so rich and comforting and soothing; I especially love the way shades of browns and rosy pinks are interacting with the hue. So pretty!


Layers, patterns, and everything visually enticing


Courtesy: The Jungalow


I always felt that having too many patterns in a room kills the vibe of the space and leads to visual dissonance. But it wasn't until I tumbled over a pattern-laden living room in The Jungalow that I realized that multiple patterns can too be captivating. There's one trick, a thin line that will salvage your color scheme from cacophony to harmony and that is a solid color. You can choose any dominant color from the patterns or best, go with a neutral to give your eyes some relief from the details and color clash. 


There are many fascinating color combinations out there and so much to do when it comes to bathing your nestle with colors that make your heart leap with joy. Having said that, if you don't want to commit to one particular color scheme for a long time but want to keep your options open, then you can definitely experiment with color schemes through home furnishings (specifically soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, trims, et al) as they can be easily replaced when you have a change of heart. 


There are a slew of other color combos that I'm lusting after right now but I guess I'll talk about it in another post. I'd love to know your favorite color combinations for this year! 


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