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Home: A place of vision and verve

January 17, 2018

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Home: A place of vision and verve

January 17, 2018

You must wonder why I chose hobbit-hole as the cover picture for my blog post. Well, to begin with, I’m a hugeous fan of J.R.R. Tolkien—and for me, he perfectly encapsulates the idea of a comfortable, lived-in, and gorgeous home through Master Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit-hole.


That round green door with its shiny yellow brass knob, carpeted floors, polished chairs, wardrobes fully dedicated to Master Baggins’ clothes, deep-seated windows overlooking his verdant garden, pantries brimming with plates and bowls and trays. What a happy home! And imagine all this with people who laugh ‘deep fruity laughs’ and sing songs. Take me to the Shire someone, please! 


All one needs is a place that slowly and steadily and organically gains the status of a ‘home’ and that happens as it gets lived by generous occupants and meaningful objects. 


“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” These last words from Thorin ring so true! As I write this, my ears detect some clamour - a merry one though, of a birthday party in progress; my neighbours are celebrating their son’s birthday and by the cheery cacophony that's going around, I sense that their home is teeming with near and dear ones. 


That’s the thing with home. 


Whether you live in a small apartment, a bungalow, a penthouse, a country house, a bastide, a chalet or a kingly chateau, the feeling of having a place that you can proudly and lovingly call home, is a special and an extraordinary one. 


Image source: The Chic Boutique 


As a little girl, I remember being attached to my stationery, books, and a recessed wooden wall cabinet—which would double up as a writing board when I'd slip into the role of a teacher (didn't we all like that as kids?). The doors of the cabinet would be filled with meaningless letters, squiggles, and mysterious diagrams, serving as shining emblems of my intelligence as a smart teacher I enjoyed playing.


For me, that recessed wooden wall cabinet was my hobbit-hole—a personal space which housed all the things that were dear to my teenage nerdy self—my baubles, playthings, erasers of assorted sizes, ink pens, filed foolscap sheets, and sundries. 


In stark contrast to my clothes wardrobe (which was and still is, a chaotic jumble), my wall cabinet looked like an imaginatively dreamed up art gallery, as if executed with a creative vision of an artist and verve of an archivist.


My parents found my partiality for the wall cabinet rather puzzling. So one day when they could no longer contain their curiosity and mild irritation over my obsession with the wall cabinet, they finally asked me what was bubbling inside them.


Image source: unsplash 


"What's so special about your wall cabinet, Saee?" 


I told them that it felt like home. And that as the owner of the home, I felt responsible for making it look neat and pretty and well-arranged. I’m quite sure that answer must have left my parents emotional and misty-eyed ;)


But isn’t this how we all feel about our home? Ah yes, we all do.


Our home is our special place; a place where we play generous hosts to near and dear ones; a place where we rear children; a place where we celebrate significant occasions. It’s a place where even inanimate objects seem to throb with a sense of warmth and familiarity. It’s a place that’s basically an environmental extension of you and your family. It’s a place for which you feel responsible for. 


Here’s to the magic and power and allure of your home. 

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